Learn in just 3.31 minutes where our present day economy went wrong, and how Infinite Banking can help us as individuals correct the ship.

What is Infinite Banking?

Please take a few moments to
watch this video for an overview of the Infinite Banking Concept.


Learn how to take the stress
out of your personal and business finances and how to avoid common
financial mistakes.


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"This presentation is based on the book, Becoming Your Own Banker - The Infinite Banking Concept by R. Nelson Nash. This concept utilizes certain whole life insurance products. The UNIFI Companies (Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., Acacia Life Insurance Company and The Union Central Life Insurance Company) are not affiliated with the author and do not endorse the concept."

"The UNIFI Companies, its agents, and representatives are not authorized to give legal or tax advice. Before determining whether the Infinite Banking Concept is appropriate for you, please consult with your own Attorney or CPA. We also recommend that you read the book and share it with your advisor prior to making any decisions involving the Infinite Banking Concept."